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Intermédialités, “Witnessing / Témoigner”

Wednesday, 03 November 2021

Latest issue

This issue of the Intermédialités journal apprehends different modes of mediation of the act of witnessing, which they define as a way of transmitting a sensible experience belonging to the past. Rather than focusing on the figure of the witness or the writing of a narrative, which has long dominated this field of research, this issue’s articles approach questions concerning witnessing through film, music, museal installations or digital platforms. The authors gathered in this publication seek to identify the effects of co-presence, the consequences of transfers between media and of the emergence of different formats, as well as the importance of inscribing these testimonies in media environments whose configurations are, by definition, unstable. The intermedial approach thus enables them to highlight the complexity of the act of bearing witness.

You can read the issue here.

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